Standard Knitting Mill

Standard Knitting Mill is a 400,000 square foot redevelopment of a historic property. The mix-use development is an integral rehabilitation in Knoxville. This circa 1945 building is the only remaining structure associated with Standard Knitting Mill.  Standard was founded in 1900 with 50 employees.

By the 1930s Standard was the largest textile and knitting mill in Knoxville and employed over 4,000 Knoxvillians.  Standard eventually produced over one million garments a week and inspired Knoxville’s title as “Underwear Capital of the World.”

Located in the industrial swath of land between the historic Parkridge and Fourth and Gill neighborhoods, the original portion of the mill was in place along Washington Avenue by 1903. Later additions almost doubled the size of the complex, but the earliest portion was destroyed in the early 1990s. The current footprint still comes in at over 400,000 square feet and was the home of Delta Apparel until 2007.